Want to perform in the Dramatic Improv Festival?

This your chance!

DIF 2020 has TWO great insta-team workshops!

Join us for either of the two workshops below, with performances to follow!

Class: When Theater is Far: Improv in an Online World
$50 / Thursday, September 10, 6-8:30 PM (with performances Friday, September 11, 8 PM)

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Note: These participants will perform as a group Friday night focusing on the skills from the workshop.

Theater and Improvisation are always changing, but the last few months have made the change faster and more drastic. Many of us have moved our shows, jams, and classes online. While many of us can’t wait to go back to performing in-person in our regular spaces, this time represents a fantastic opportunity to explore new mediums, tools, and ways to interact with our audiences. The entire online world and technology are at our disposal. Let’s bring them into our shows! In this class, we will explore some tools, platforms, and ideas we can implement in our shows to make them more than a passive experience for the audience, our actors more than faces on a screen, and our audience members more than spectators. We will generate and develop an idea for a dramatic improv show using the tools that we discuss or tools that we come up with during class!

Instructor: Mario Gomez

Mario Gomez (he/him) is an experienced improviser and theatre artist. He has worked in over 255 productions in scripted and unscripted theater. In Mario’s 12 years as an improviser, he’s had the privilege to have worked with improvisers and theatre artists representing more than 40 countries and all continents. Mario has also taught improvisation in the USA, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

One of Mario’s main areas of interest and experience is technical improvisation, the relationship between the audience and performers, and dramaturgy for improv. These have led to him developing a unique viewpoint on improv and the heights that it can reach.

Class: Intimacy & Relationship
$30/ Saturday, September 12, 10 AM-12:30 PM (with performances Saturday, September 12, 8 PM)

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Note: These participants will perform as a group Saturday night focusing on the skills from the workshop.
How often are we talking at one another rather than having an experience together on stage, shying away from moments of true connection in fear that the moment may stray into uncomfortable territory? Intimacy can be found in the touch of a hand, the familiarity of two shoulders touching, or the rhythm of a slow exhale. These subtle signals of connection relax the improviser, ground our scenes in truth, and invite the audience in to witness our most human moments. This workshop explores what creates intimacy and relationship onstage and off, helps us solidify our personal boundaries, and provides tools to create connection and intimacy onstage. We explore personal boundaries, learn tools to connect energetically, explore physical proximity and familiarity in different stages of relationship. When we portray intimacy and relationship realistically, scenes have even greater dramatic and comedic effect.
The experience level required for this class is two years or more of improv experience (Intermediate level).

Instructor: Jeremie Day-Glider

Jeremie Day-Glider has been teaching and working in theatre for over 20 years. Since joining the Barcelona Improv Group in April 2013, in addition to performing, directing and creating new forms for the group, she has both taught and developed curriculum for BIG School of Improv. Improv, at its base, is a philosophy of clear, honest communication; if we are self-absorbed in fear, it is very hard to communicate. When we are engaged in play, we are present with one another. When we are present, available, and really listening to our partners and ourselves, we are able to write, direct, perform, and edit in the moment, all at the infinite speed of creation. Jeremie’s goal for her students is to help them acknowledge and accept their own fear as they develop their skills, allowing them to play freely and shine as the brilliant humans they are. In her own play, direction, and teaching Jeremie works to create joyful, trusting, uninhibited play that is a delight to play with and watch.