The festival schedule is below.

The shows are over now, everyone! But! We have good news!

Since all our shows were hosted on Facebook Live, you can still see them at your leisure. Please take a look below and click the link to connect to your favorite performance.

While all our shows are free, we do welcome any donations you would care to give to the festival, to support our continued operations during these difficult times. Please feel free to click the donations link below to support DIF.

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All times are Central Standard Time.

Wednesday, September 9, 8 PM

Video link
The Cabin Affair
Theatre Momentum: Fugue

Video link
Sex, Lies & Improvisation
Theatre Momentum: Porch Play

Thursday, September 10, 8 PM

New link coming (technical difficulties)
The Well-Made Play

Video Link
Improv 502: The Dramatically Improvised Play

Friday, September 11, 8 PM

Video Link
Pretty Sober: The Filing Cabinet
Impromptu Improv
Theatre Momentum: Quartet

Video Link
When Theater is Far: Improv in an Online World
CommuniKate: Artalive!
All The World’s A Zoom Stage

Friday, September 11, 10 PM

Video Link
Un-Scripted Theater Company

Video Link
Torch Song
Tough Call

Saturday, September 12, 8 PM

Video Links
Pretty Sober: Untameable Women
Femme Four: Private Parts…of our Conversation
Chicago Playback Theatre Ensemble: Tell Us Your Story: A Virtual Playback Theatre Show

Video Link
Be With Me (Intimacy Mixer Team)
da vorne links: The Revelation (link w/ technical issues fixed)

Saturday, September 12, 10 PM

Video Link
Third Person: The Question?
Streaky Bacon Improv!
Star Bound

Video Link
The Sudden Knot: A Simple Twist of Love
Shizi Improv Theatre: Light and Dark

Sunday, September 13, 7 PM

Video Link
Invisible Women: Rooms
Dreamweaver: An Improvised Revelation

Video Link
Distance Traveler
Kudewe Impro: Ruidos

Sunday, September 13, 9 PM

Video Link

Video Link
They Don’t Know the Half of It
Landry and Summers